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Welcome! It is my pleasure to introduce you to the creative genius’ that collectively define The Chic Kitchen. 

Katie Satchwell

Katie is working on her PhD at the University of Alberta, studying Food Microbiology. Her studies focus on the safety of meat products. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science at the U of A. Katie is the creator and curator of The Chic Kitchen, a website focused on food, health and wellness, and do-it-yourself tutorials. Her passion for food and cooking has been fuelled by a keen interest in supporting local, sustainable agriculture initiatives in addition to fostering the growth of the food community in and around Edmonton, Alberta. She is a registered Hatha yoga instructor and is a frequent accessory of music festivals, farmer’s markets and dog parks. Hula-hooping, bike-riding, acro-yoga and cooking top Katie’s list of favourite things.



Megan Egler

Megan completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental and Conservation sciences with a focus on Environmental Economics and Policy at the University of Alberta. Though her heart remains in Edmonton, she is currently in Guelph, Ontario pursuing a M.Sc. in Food, Agriculture and Resource Economics. The focus of her current studies is on food policy and international development. Megan likes to quip that economics is her hobby and that her real career will be in food fermentations. Whether it be sauerkraut, kombucha, cheese, backyard chickens, moonshine or carpentry, Megan fancies herself a do-it-youselfer and is seldom without a new project in the works. Keep posted to hear Megan’s insight into her world of food, fermentations, economics and the fun projects that keep her busy.

Megan Egler

Hailey O’Hara

Hailey believes life is a constant exploration. Deeply fascinated by the world around us, she is forever seeking the next adventure by learning and growing every single day. She have been teaching yoga for four years and have had the opportunity to learn from some incredible teachers and mentors, in all corners of the world, who have taught and continue to teach her everything that she knows about taking a holistic approach to health and healing. We only have one body, one life, why not make it the best it can be? Hailey shares her breadth of experience related to health through the yogic philosophies.


Dani Findlay

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Dani fell in love with the outdoors and the wilderness very young. Family camping trips nurtured her respect for nature and as she grew older, she realized the importance of preserving the diminishing wilderness. While working on a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Sociology at the University of Alberta, Dani fell in love with the Live Local movement and felt its grassroots, bottom-up approach to sustainable initiatives was a fruitful solution to growing climate change concerns. This love has led to a backyard garden, some illegal backyard chicken coops and many successful (and even more unsuccessful) DIY projects. With future ambitions to continue travelling and exploring what other cities around the world are doing to combat climate change, she wishes to share her experiences with all who are interested.


Janne Robinson

Janne Robinson is currently residing on the Sunshine Coast, BC, learning to cut kindling with her teeth and making friends with the black bears in the woods. You can find her coordinating fundraisers for The Global Alliance for Animals & People, stretching her soul in yoga, skinny dipping with glee in the moonlight and getting dirty in her garden. She loves Billie Holiday, the smell of freshly cut cedar and whiskys that sway their hips when they walk and know what they are doing. Keep posted to learn of Janne’s courageous and bold leap into the unknown as she makes a new life for herself in the wild, west coast.


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